Electric Pulse Vs Voucher Pulse

In this era of technological development, everything is fast and automatic. If we used the voucher pulse to fill the pulse of our HP, now has many counter pulses that sell electrical pulses with the same relative price. Even today we can tukar pulsa jadi uang through our website.

But from my personal observation, there is a problem with electrical pulses. Among other things: the slow pulse in, the disturbance-disturbance in the server. One of the problems is that the nominal amount of the purchased pulse does not match the incoming pulse.

And the least we notice when buying electric pulses is how long the active period of the pulse. If the pulse voucher we can see the active period and grace period of the pulse, but if our electrical pulses sometimes confused how long the active period. Even if asked by the seller, he was sometimes confused.

For those of you mania phone that used to fill the pulse with a large amount, may often confused, pulses are still a lot but the active period is up. That’s obviously very annoying because when we have to call, a pulse is there but the active period runs out.