Ornamental Fish That Are Easily Kept In Ponds!

Beautiful ornamental pond is a nice ornamental fish to be seen in the pond with a view from above because not all fish can look good if it entered the pond even though when in the aquarium the fish looks good and interesting. Well if you are one of the lovers of ornamental fish then the first thing you should note is the food, therefore the best fish food that is recommended to you can be found at the petguidepro.com. Well after that, it would be better if you know what kind of ornamental fish are suitable to be kept in the pond. Here’s the review!
Koi fish
Koi fish are the most kept fish species in the pond because the color and shape of the koi will look more attractive when viewed from the top.

Fish comet
Color owned comet fish is quite interesting because there is a blend of red and white, some are also orange, and there are also three colors of colors.

Fish kumpai
Kumpai fish do not have a color as good as koi fish, usually fish kumpai only have one color for example only yellow, white, and orange. Fish of this type can also grow large, maximal size around 60-70 cm.