Stop Bad Habits Cause Stomachache!

Everyone would want a slender stomach, especially women. Sometimes even though you have been very maintaining the diet, but there are other things that cause the stomach to be distended. Perhaps in addition to exercise, you also need to consume supplements that you can find on for your diet to be more leverage. Apart from that, here are some bad habits that cause distended stomach!

Snacking at Night
Snacking is good. But when the belly bulge due to frequent snacking, it’s time to reduce this one hobby yes.

Often Consuming Junk Food
No one is eating fast food, but it would be wrong if these foods are often consumed. Because too often consuming junk food will make calories and fat in the body rose drastically.

Sleeping After Eating
Familiarizing yourself to sleep after eating makes the digestive tool cannot digest food instantly. Better give 15 minutes pause.

Consuming alcohol makes the heart work increasingly when neutralizing food. This results in decreased liver work while neutralizing fat.