When you want to watch movies but your wallet is dried

Currently, various domestic production films have received much appreciation from the public. So it is not surprising that many people who took the time to come and watch the latest movie in the cinema. Meanwhile, a website like juaramovie.com can be relied on when you want to watch movies online with the high-quality.

The thing that is not realized is the more watching the movie, the more money you have to spend to buy tickets. In order to save money on movies in the cinema, these 5 tips you can do easily.

Do not Watch on Weekends or Public Holidays

The price of cinema tickets on weekdays is cheaper compared to tickets on weekends. Therefore you can choose to watch movies at work time. But what if on that day you are occupied with work or college? The solution you can watch the move and choose movies with night time to midnight.

Choose a Cinema that Offers Cheap Flights

Ticket prices between one movie theater with the other cinema turned out different. The difference in ticket prices is due to the different facilities that will be obtained by the audience.