How To Detect And Overcome Electric Short Circuits At Your Own Home?

The electric short circuit is normal and common, in every house of course have experienced electric zipper. Electric short circuit means the short circuit of electric current. In theory, the electric short circuit is connected its positive electric current and negative electric current directly without being mediated by electronic devices or light bulbs, then there is an electric short circuit. Therefore to prevent this from happening, it would be better if you routinely check the electrical situation of your home with the help of electricians that you can find in Perth industrial electrical contractors. Apart from that, there are several factors that cause the electric short circuit, the first is the installation cable is outdated or in the rat bite, enter the water into the outlet or light fittings in because there is a roof leak, the outlet in entering the crawler, light bulb break and cause short, some light bulbs will cause an electric short circuit when it breaks out, this type of bulb we usually buy with cheap price. Other reasons are many more, can be caused by electronic devices that are not feasible to use.

Well to know the position where the occurrence of the electric short circuit at home can be done without using any tool. The technique of detecting the following electric short circuit is as accurate as detecting an electric short circuit using a tester!

Please keep calm and not panic, if you believe your house does not take an illegal electric current, then it is far from possible electric short circuit to cause a fire. Because every electrical installation, in general, is completed with minimum safety of 2 mcb (miniature circuit breaker).

When there is an electric zipper then the MCB will automatically cut the flow of electric current spontaneously, MCB will trip or fall resulting in a power outage in whole or part of the room.

The characteristics of the electric short circuit are if mcb trip/fall to the off position then when the ride to the position of ON mcb will trip or fall back.

Let the MCB stay in the off position then

Position all switches (switch) and socket off position

Turn off all the equipment in your house, lights, sockets, and other electrical equipment to turn off without exception, do it carefully do not let anyone forget in power off.
After all the equipment is sure to die, return all MCB (Breaker) to the ON position

Turn on one by one light, outlet, and other equipment. Do it slowly and sequentially at the start of the living room lights and so on down to the kitchen.

If at the time of turning the light switch or mcb trip/trip stop / fall back then there lies the occurrence of his electric short circuit