Inspiration for Children’s Party Theme at Home

Although celebrating a child’s birthday is not an obligation, but whose name parents always have a desire to make children happy on the day, for example by holding a small party. Minimal by inviting relatives or close friends of the child.

The show did not have to be done at a fast food restaurant or rent a playground, but enough at home for example. Well, so the party runs fun and the kids are happy, try to make a theme for the party. Here are some theme options that might be your inspiration!

Water party
Children never refuse to play water. So just make a wet party in your yard. Do not forget to install glass pool fencing Perth first to be more beautiful and safe for children. Also, make sure when you spread out the invitation you already mentioned that the show is water-themed so that the invite has prepared a swimsuit. Also prepare an artificial swimming pool and a whole game that uses water, such as water gun war, a bubble of soap, throwing a ball containing water, and more. We recommend the duration of the party no more than 1 hour, the rest you can invite children to eat together.

Pajama party
Have a party in the afternoon with the theme of pajamas. And for the costumes, the invitation can use pajamas and play the party in the living room that you conjure into a big room. Prepare rugs or carpets are thick and fine-textured, then complete with cushions and dolls. For the show can be filled by telling a fairy tale, reading a book together, or a short drama with a hand puppet.

Feast of art
Arrange the table in a circle and complete with seats. Later on the table, each child provided paper, colored pencils, crayons, even watercolor for use by them. Every child can draw whatever they like-including putting his hand in watercolor-then bringing home his work.

Animal-themed party
It does not mean having to take all the children to the zoo, but change the decor of the house like a forest. Arrange the stuffed animals in some corner of the house, prepare the animal mask that the children will use, and use green and brown balloons to decorate your room that symbolizes the color of the forest plant.