Teenagers and Gadgets

The process of entry of gadgets among teenagers with various factors. Today the development of the world of software technology has penetrated to the rural level, this is a special advancement in the field of information technology. People in rural areas are very much using gadgets to take care of their lives to make it easier so that they can work very quickly without the need to exert excessive force. Compare to the past this kind of instrument is only owned by the upper middle class and only exist in big cities, it can be said that technological renewal is now flattening all over the world and those who ultimately feel the renewal of gadget technology to get the practical function of their gadget buy.

Gadget entry among teenagers slowly and not realized by teenagers who became the target of gadget development, even some families who live in the city are already using this gadget to facilitate their lives. Gadgets are not just rides or communication media but can be used as a prestigious event that all teenagers adhere to the latest trends or communication media and even among them gadgets serve as lifestyles that cause social inequality and occur among lower, middle and upper economic economies. Gadgets also play a role in a social development that occurs in the life of the wider community.