Like This Tangerang City Face Now

The existence of this culinary also makes the attraction for migrants who want to stay settled in South Tangerang and who just want to travel. The number of malls, shops or shophouses, even the tent stalls and the original Betawi stall run by mothers of the Betawi family, always looks full crowded visited by culinary hunters, especially during lunch hours because in South Tangerang City also has a typical food Betawi is still loved by hunters culinary lovers. These developments become evidence that the culinary movement in Tangerang Selatan has been able to take control and become the motor of economic movement in the region. For news updates about South Tangerang, you can read news about this city on

South Tangerang City has two city parks and one private urban forest, a large swimming pool, a central ornamental plant that provides a variety of plants including culinary favorites available in the community. Many there is now the attention of the Regional Government so that later can be empowered as a tourist attraction, both for the citizens of Tangsel itself and tourists from other regions.