The Characteristics of Good and Effective Advertising

Doing advertising activities requires a lot of money. For that, the ad must be able to achieve its goals, one of which is to invite or direct people to perform certain actions. Currently, you can take advantage of the digital era to advertise your products or services on the internet with the help of Craigslist Ad Posting Service to be more optimal. Apart from that, the following Good and Effective Ad Characteristics!

Attention (Attention)
Information bombarding every day makes it easier for people to ignore messages that are considered unimportant. Therefore, advertising should be able to attract attention and have a strong allure to the consumer’s interest lifted.

Interest (Interests)
One of the efforts to cultivate the interest of the audience is by delivering a variety of interesting offers or often called promotion. For example, special discounts at certain times or prizes for each particular purchase.

Desire (Desire)
There are various steps that can be done to arouse desire in the consumer. For example, by offering various interesting features or benefits that can be obtained from the product. In this case, the consumer’s rational considerations are the primary target marketers.

To encourage this, advertising messages should display persuasion-only words or phrases that spur action. For example, by using the word command in the displayed ad.