Other Methods of Learning English

Every day millions of people use English in the workplace as well as in social life. Cannot be denied again, English has become an important part of our lives in the era of globalization as it is today. Not enough just to speak English, as a measuring tool you also have to test your English skills with test TOEFL, IELTS or B1 english test. Want to be fluent and more proficient in speaking English? You should try some of the methods below!

1. Exercise with BBC Learning English
It was established in 1943 that BBC learning English is already well known as the English language learning program of the BBC. Through abundant material, thousands of video recordings, and applications for learning English for free, BBC Learning English has managed to have participants from all over the world. The lessons produced by BBC learning English are always updated here!

2. Get used to Watching Serial on YouTube in English
YouTube site that has the largest number of video clips and famous this you can use to learn English. YouTube is a great channel that can help you not only practice with various accents but can feel the culture and lifestyle of each region. In it, there are innumerable English lessons for all levels on all topics in different parts of the world. Other popular English language series on YouTube such as EngVid, Learning English with Mr. Duncan and others who are able to attract millions of viewers across the World.