Tips to Organize Simple Wedding with Limited Funds

Marriage is always synonymous with where the wedding reception is held. If held in hotels, it will require a considerable budget. However, if held at home or building, then its budget will be cheaper than in hotels.

When the financial situation is still not maximized, sometimes people can postpone the wedding, just because want to hold a quite luxurious wedding. In fact, the wedding can still be held even with a modest budget. The key to getting a dream wedding party but at an affordable price is with the selection of the right wedding vendor. Take care in choosing a quality wedding vendor at an affordable price like Le Petit Chateau. Apart from that, here are some tips for preparing a simple and low budget wedding!

1. Place
The place is an important factor to think about before a wedding takes place. If it has a limited budget, you should choose a place to live to hold the wedding reception.

In addition to cheaper, there are no certain requirements that are required to occupy it. Or you can rent a hall or a multipurpose building around the neighborhood. Make the decor as attractive as possible to be attractive and stay comfortable.

2. Guests
As much as possible, make a list of certain guests who will surely be invited. Prior to inviting guests who are close enough to the prospective bridegroom and extended family.

Then do the invitation calculations and also the cost of catering. Suppose you’ve created a guest list of 250 people, which means catering is available for 500 servings.

3. Catering and Wedding Tents
Marriage also requires the presence of catering services and wedding tents. For this, you can ask for help from friends who may be cooking experts or also have a catering business and equipment rental and wedding tents.

Who knows, you can get a big discount for using catering services. If the budget is really limited, you can be creative by using simple equipment, but made interesting to create a wedding atmosphere as usual. Enlist the help of decorating friends and so on.